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Seeing Dance / 26 October 2016

‘This is Pinocchio given new and refreshing life, and a depth so rarely seen. I predict it will become much loved’

‘The tale is told with superb clarity’

‘A delight’

‘Clever and funny’

‘The choreography is Vardimon at her inventive, theatrical best’

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Everything Theatre / 27 October 2016

‘Absolutely jaw-dropping’

‘The show is designed for the whole family. Vardimon’s decision to give life to a well-known traditional fable is an undisputed achievement’ 

‘Breathtaking. A music box made of human bodies turns with absolute smoothness. But it is with the appearance of Pinocchio that the show reaches its pinnacle’

‘Pinocchio’s adventures of discovery and defeat were aimed at the hearts of children and adults alike. The Jasmin Vardimon Company holds the merit of translating faithfully these qualities into body language, preserving all its immediacy and prominence’

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British Theatre Guide / 24 October 2016

‘The set is superb—the eight dancers are superb, tremendous ideas and visual concepts’

‘a remarkable performance’

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Theatrefullstop / 26 October 2016

‘Magical and moving’

‘Doulgeri’s performance is a tour-de-force’

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