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The Reviews Hub / 19 October 2016

‘A visual delight’

‘Power is the resonate feeling of this production. Powerful performances, powerful choreography and powerful storytelling make this an adaptation of Pinocchio you won’t want to miss’

‘An incredibly strong cast manage to balance the power and force of Vardimon’s choreography, whilst still making the movement seem effortless and fluid’

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‘This Pinocchio is absolute magic’

‘The skill of the dancers is simply stunning’

‘This was the best version of Pinocchio I have seen’

‘Truly mesmerising – ask the hundreds of children who sat with eyes glued to the stage and a big smile on their faces’

‘If the production is a good one, then as soon as the curtain goes up, the noise level goes down and the attention to the stage becomes 100%, proving once more the magical properties of the theatre.  I was privileged to see this effect at work when I went to see Jasmin Vardimon’s new production of Pinocchio.’

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Financial Times / 25 October 2016

‘Jasmin Vardimon’s dance adaption abounds with imaginative moments’

‘Attractive performances, jolly effects and a musical meatloaf’

‘The staging abounds with such quirky and imaginative moments, many of the best effects are achieved though movement alone’

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‘This ever-innovative director and choreographer has waved her unique conceptual wand over the story of a wooden puppet that dreams of becoming a real boy’

‘A plethora of magical, inventive coups de théâtre’

‘Vardimon’s choreography is voraciously imaginative’

‘It is rare for a show to have so many standout moments of originality’

‘The set is a triumph of originality aligned with authenticity’

‘Arresting visual imagery’

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