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*****(5 Stars) The Theatre Times / 14 October 2018 by Armando Rotondi

‘A static stage literally comes alive in its various parts–a boat, the plastic on the floor etc.–becoming at the same time a moving environment (a stormy sea), a character-environment (the animal “Medusa,” the jellyfish), then giving birth to the dancers themselves on stage’

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The London Magazine / 25 October 2018

‘Beautifully poetic movements and engaging drama, Jasmin Vardimon has created a unique choreographic voice’

‘A visually stunning art piece. Sensational’

‘The quality of choreography, the passion of the dancers, and the standard of sound and light technicians was nothing less than sensational’

‘The beauty of Medusais the layering of interpretations and meanings that are built upon the classical Greek myth’

‘Beautifully powerful art’

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****(4 stars) 23 October 2018 by Chris Omaweng

‘The narrative is harrowing, the choreography is stunning’

Challenging. With plenty of food for thought’

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*** (3 stars) Seeing Dance / 22 October 2018 by David Mead

‘Dance theatre at its very best’

The imagery is stunning, and so is Vardimon’s choreography, some of which calls for athleticism and split-second timing, and gets both in spades’

‘The musical collage that accompanies Medusa is about as eclectic as it comes, ranging from opera to chart music everything in between. It supports the action beautifully’

‘Amadeo Solernou’s lighting is super’

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