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***** (5 Stars) Youth Perspective / 23 February 2019

 “Magic permeates the work in its entirety. Moments are imbued with such entrancing grace that I was unable to tear my eyes away.”

“The dancers’ physical strength and acrobatic agility is genuinely jaw-dropping.”

“Should you get the opportunity to go and see this, for the love of God, go. It’s something not of this world.”

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Reviewsphere / 22 February 2019

‘The show offers a dynamic and sudden shift of themes and references from contemporary society to the classical world.’

‘This show is clever visually and choreographically, backed by a conceptual narrative that hardly leaves indifferent.’

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*****(5 Stars) Broadway World / 22 October 2018

‘Incredibly talented company present another unforgettable, highly entertaining masterpiece’

‘One of the most forward-thinking and innovative choreographers working right now, Vardimon has selected the best of the best to make up her troupe. And she has pushed them to their limits’

‘What sets this show apart from any other dance piece is the company’s impressive ability of storytelling’ 

‘Even though the centre focus is filled with electric choreography, the background has the same care placed upon it, perfectly completing the dramaturgical jigsaw’

‘Throughout, the entire company shine and it’s a wonderful experience. Celebrating 20 years of creativity, long may it continue’

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*****(5 stars) Everything Theatre / 26 October 2018


‘Raw and real – you couldn’t pull your eyes away from the stage’

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