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The Guardian / 7 October 2003

4 stars

“Her new work, Lullaby, is a darkly disturbing game of doctors and nurses in which she gets out the scalpel and slices away at people’s relationships with illness…┬áVardimon is a powerful voice in physical theatre, and the daring movements she creates here leave scars on the memory.”

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The Times Literary Supplement, TLS / 21 February 2005

“Vardimon in her choreography requires very precise athletic movement; much of the time dancers seems to bent or bending double, and in their duos to be twisting each other round in what in other circumstances would be considered violent. Yet the dancers are athletes, and while they don’t make the moves seem effortless they are never less than graceful and perfectly controlled.”

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“The choreography is physically risky, sometimes bruisingly so, and often refreshingly inventive.”

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Kultureflash / 10 March 2003

“Politically correct it isn’t, but Vardimon’s dance theatre has a compelling dark-magic realism; magnifying neuroses and transforming familiar social ritual into surreal nightmare. Which is what this genre of contemporary dance does best.”

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