JV2 2017

Jasmin Vardimon Company presents
JV2 2017

Choreographed & Directed by
Jasmin Vardimon MBE
Marilena Dara
Jukstapoz (Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis)

With the mission to develop, encourage and cultivate young talent and young audiences, Jasmin Vardimon Company has formed JV2, delivering a Professional Development Diploma.  This year’s JV2 are an ensemble of 12 young, talented international dancers, hand-picked by Artistic Director Jasmin Vardimon MBE.

This triple bill promises a thrilling mix of inventive choreography and impressive new talent.  The evening will culminate in celebrating favourite moments from ParkJustitia7734 and Yesterday, where Tomorrow by Jasmin Vardimon MBE transforms the company repertoire into a completely new experience.

Wear Your Wounds by Marilena Dara
Rejection. A feeling all humans have felt, a truth all humans have faced in different ways. Bodies trapped in isolation, trying to treat their emotional wounds as they realise that the only way to achieve it is by simple embrace and acceptance.
Music: Otis Jones
Text: Man and woman in bed at 10pm. Poem by Charles Bukowski
Costume: Michela Bruschini and Lily Fendall
Duration: 18 minutes

Vohlfs by Jukstapoz (Paul Blackman and Christine Gouzelis)
The life of the pack and the hierarchy within.
Music: Augustus, Wim Martens, The Carpathians, Ben Frost, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Iggy Pop, Future Markets, Jonny Greenwood, Piste 06, Rachel’s, Piste 09, Rachel’s The Sound of Bell, Paul Mercer
Costume: Michela Bruschini and Holly Pedley
Duration: 20 minutes

Tomorrow by Jasmin Vardimon MBE
This iconic work identifies scenes from Vardimon’s celebrated repertoire, transforming favourite moments from Park, Justitia, 7734 and Yesterday into a completely new experience.
Music: John Fahey, Sparklehorse, Brian Eno, Sir George Solti, Viktor Braun & Wiener Philharmoniker after Wagner, Deathprod, Berliner Philharmoniker after Mozart, Spiderbait.
Costumes: Lily Fendall and Holly Pedley
Duration: 20 minutes

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