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Salford Online, 18 October 2012

“It is hugely watchable, impressively performed, beautifully staged, occasionally baffling, and at times thrilling and cinematic, at others dark and intimate. It’s the kind of show that is challenging, puzzling, revealing, strange, and leaves you with questions and thoughts to disentangle at the end. And that’s a good thing. That’s a kind of freedom.”

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South Wales Argus, 21 Nov 2012

“Breathtaking, mesmerising and frequently thought provoking Freedom is a must-see show and represents Jasmin Vardimon at her creative best.”

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“Vardimon’s ability to ask deep questions about societies intentions and motivations is woven clearly throughout FREEDOM … Her performers show dedicated commitment to every section of the piece.”

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THE LONDONIST, 13 Nov 2012

“Entrancing… it’s worth battling down the doors of the venue to nab a ticket for tonight’s last night at Sadlers.”

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