Your body is in unstable equilibrium, you feel insecure, like you are tottering, like you are being seduced by physical amusement yet simultaneously repelled; you are at that blurred point, you are ticklish.

The piece concentrates on this ‘ticklish’ state through relationships. Where friendly competition and playfulness can become aggressive to the point of conflict and fight. The light energy of elusiveness, the teasing and slaps of affection become there own extremes, the alert, quick energy of violence – a caress that becomes a slap.

‘Their daring grapples and jigsaw partnering shapes are gripping’

‘Clever and cruel’ TIME OUT

‘Vardimon is one of those dancers you can’t take your eyes off. Like an inquisitive cat, she bends and stretches, climbs and crawls, contorting her incredible body into ever more complex positions. She does the same with her choreography.


Concept, Direction & Choreography: Jasmin Vardimon MBE
Created with & Performed by: Luke Burrough, Catherine Gardner, Barney Dillon, Jasmin Vardimon MBE
Also performed by: Hofesh Shechter, Phil Hayes
Artistic Advisor & Video Artwork: Guy Bar-Amotz
Lighting Design: Chahine Yavroyan
Costume Design: Mair Joint
Set Design: Bob Bailey, Mark Hosking
Original Score: Jules Maxwell
Sound Editing: Ohad Fishof
Premiere: 2001

The creation of Ticklish was supported by The Jerwood Award, ACE National Touring programme, DanceXchange, The Oval House, Yorkshire Arts and Yorkshire Dance.