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Dance Theatre: An Anti-Discursive Illustration of an Embodied Existence

By Claire Hampton University of Wolverhampton

This article draws together two traditionally polarised and hierarchised modes of theoretical enquiry: the representational, textual theories of traditional academics such as Pierre Bourdieu and Michel Foucault and the phenomenological, somatic approach of the performance-based theorist and choreographer Jasmin Vardimon.

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Ipswich Evening Star, 23 May 2011

‘To examine The Holocaust is to look into ourselves. Israeli-born Jasmin Vardimon’s powerful production reminds us of the mechanical and personal brutality of The Final Solution through the prism of civilisation and petty intolerance.’

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Oxford Times, 6 Oct 2010

‘In this gruelling, moving work, Israeli-born Jasmin Vardimon looks at the Holocaust, and, by flitting backwards and forwards in time, she examines how children reared on survivor stories become ‘memory-candles’… This is a sombre piece of physical theatre rather than dance. It’s a riveting, almost overwhelming work.’

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Derby Telegraph, 25 March 2011

On a superficial level, it is a dance piece of exquisite detail, accuracy and exposition. But underneath the fluidity of movement and pace, there lurks a message of greater intensity.

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