Medusa Symposium Panelist – Jasmine Ee

1 February 2019

Introducing our next Medusa Creative Minds Symposium panelist, Jasmine Ee from Gulbenkian Youth Dance Theatre  Jasmine is currently in Year 13 studying Engineering, Maths and Art with a passion for dance that takes her from opportunity to opportunity outside of school. She been a member of the Gulbenkian Youth Dance Company since 2016 and has performed curtain […]

Medusa Symposium Panelist – Dr. Lise Uytterhoeven

31 January 2019

Introducing the next Medusa Creative Minds Symposium panelist, Dr. Lise Uytterhoeven – Dance Researcher  Dr Lise Uytterhoeven is Senior Lecturer and Head of Learning & Teaching at London Studio Centre, where she focuses on dance historiography, critical theory and choreographic practices. She holds a BA Dance Education from CODARTS (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) and an MA (Distinction) Dance Studies […]

Medusa Symposium Panelist – Prof. Armando Rotondi

31 January 2019

Introducing our next Medusa Creative Minds Symposium panelist, Prof. Armando Rotondi – Performance Theory Armando Rotondi is a scholar, lecturer and research fellow in the fields of Theatre and Performing Arts, Comparative Drama and Literature, Translation, Film, and Cultural Studies. He is currently Associate Professor in Performance Theory, History, and Criticism at the Institute of Arts Barcelona, […]