Medusa Symposium panelist -William Wollen

31 January 2019

Introducing our third Medusa Creative Minds Symposium Panelist, William Wollen. Will trained as an actor in the Acting Company, Arts Ed London, under Adrian James and Cathérine Clouzot. He has performed in all scales of theatre, from the West End and the National Theatre to small-scale rural touring and work with Cherub Company London. His background in […]

Medusa Symposium Panelist – Miguel Alexiades

28 January 2019

Introducing our second Medusa Creative Minds Symposium panelist, Dr Miguel Alexiades – Environmental Anthropology and Ethnobotany.  Miguel Alexiades (School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent) is an anthropologist and botanists interested in a range of issues, problems and perspectives relating to the human-environment nexus. His two main focal areas of research are indigenous-environment relations in southwestern Amazonia, […]

Medusa Symposium Panelist – Rosie Wyles

28 January 2019

Introducing our first Medusa Creative Minds Symposium panelist, Dr Rosie Wyles – Classical History and Literature.  Rosie Wyles is Lecturer in Classical History and Literature at the University of Kent. She studied Classics at Oxford, graduating from St Anne’s College in 2004. She has been involved with the Archive for the Performance Reception of Greek […]