“JVI is such an amazing thing to be part of. I was truly pushed out of my comfort zone and excelled in ways I couldn’t even imagine.”

The philosophy of JVIntensive is to develop individual artists giving participants skills and knowledge to develop their performance and versatility. The programme is designed for smaller groups with personalised attention and focus. It includes various dance techniques alongside theatre, voice & breath work, body conditioning and tumbling towards developing versatility and new strengths – ideal preparation for auditioning and working in the dance world of today.  

“I would like to say that I am so glad I did JVIntensive. It was definitely the most valuable, inspiring and mesmerising experience I’ve ever had” – Depi Gorgogianni – JVIntensive 2016

What is JVIntensive?

Using the methodology of the Jasmin Vardimon Company, the aim of the course is to develop versatile performers that are able to engage their entire capacity physically, vocally, emotionally, and conceptually, resulting in becoming well-rounded, observant and honest performers.
Suitable for 18+ the programme nurtures individual skill and talent through intensive, highly physical, thought provoking and reflective training.

The programme is ideal for acquiring the necessary skills and tools to become a more versatile performer ready to audition and enter an ever-evolving dance theatre profession.

Closely affiliated to the internationally renowned Jasmin Vardimon Company, participants will learn company repertoire to explore their individual capacities.  The programme will also provide space to support each participant’s creative voice to mature and evolve under the guidance of one of today’s leading choreographers. Additional techniques will be taught by Artistic Associates of the company and professionals in their subsequent fields (Theatrical and Character skills, Breath and Vocal work, Improvisation and Creativity, Pilates and body awareness, Reflective and Analytical skills) to further enrich the individual’s ability and full potential as a performer.

Individual mentoring and feedback, including audition techniques will give an insight and knowledge as suitable preparation for the performance profession.  The course will also support the creation of individual show-reels suitable for audition applications.

Working alongside the Jasmin Vardimon Company will give access to the professional world and networks to underpin or progress the participants’ career entry as well as the potential to be invited to join other projects directly or associated with the company.

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