Frequently Asked Questions

What will the audition consist of?
Auditions will consist of a class led by a member of Jasmin Vardimon Company, followed by sections of JVC’s repertoire. Auditions will also include short creative and performance driven exercises. If you are selected from the first stage of the audition, you will be asked to stay until the end of the day. Applicants should be prepared to be at the audition from 10.00 – 18.00 or at times otherwise specified.

I am under 18, but am very interested in the programme. Can I audition?
Unfortunately students must be 18 at the start of the programme to be able to participate.

I am an international student will I require a Visa for the programme?
If you are an international student, you may require a visa to study in the UK and participate on the programme. It is the responsibility of the applicant to seek appropriate visa information. Unfortunately with no academic accreditation, we are unable to support full-time student visas.
Further information from the UK Border Agency can be found at:

What are the fees for the programme?
The cost of the JV2: Professional Development Diploma for 2017-18:for UK and EU applicants: TBC.  International applicants: TBC.

This includes the programme intensive training and touring expenses. Fees are to be paid in installments at set intervals through the duration of the programme. Details of accommodation and a digs list will be made available to those who are successful following the audition.

I have a student visitor visa, but it ends before the end of the programme, what can I do?
In some instances remote completion of the programme may be possible for analyzing and evaluating your experience, and completing written assessments. This will be agreed on a case-by-case instance and should be discussed upon successful audition and invitation to participate on the programme.

How do you get to The JVC Production Space?
On arrival at Ashford International, turn right out of the station and cross the pedestrian bridge. Turn left and you will be able to see the Stour Centre set back from the road. Follow the path to the reception where you will be directed to the studio. 
Address: The Jasmin Vardimon Production Space, The Stour Centre, Tannery Lane, Ashford, Kent, TN23 1PL.

Where do students live for the duration of the programme?
It is the personal choice of the student as to where they reside during the programme. JVC has a digs list for the surrounding area. Advice on living arrangements for those who are selected for the programme will be given by JVC staff.  Please note that as the programme is not accredited students  are not eligible for student discount on council tax or living expenses.

How long does each day last?
Most days will run from 10.00 and finish at 18.00, Monday – Friday. Extra hours may be required for performances and special projects.

Who teaches the programme?
JV2: Professional Development Diploma has been written by Jasmin Vardimon to provide a multi-disciplinary training programme for performers. A senior company member will teach the majority of the programme, with Jasmin and guest lecturers teaching particular elements.

How much are JV2 students involved with Jasmin Vardimon Company?
In the second semester the students will learn repertoire in company rehearsals alongside the members of the company. Company members will also attend some creative and theatrical sessions as part of their continued professional development.

What does the Tour consist of?
The tour will revisit venues that JVC have performed at in the past, as well as venues that the main company have not had the opportunity to perform at, reaching new audiences and developing relationships with existing venues. The tour will last approximately two weeks. Participants will have accommodation, travel and per diems paid for them by JVC for the duration of the tour. Participants will travel with one technician and act as advocates for the company at each venue.

What happens after the programme?
Throughout the programme Jasmin will assess the participants. At the end of the programme, if a suitable candidate/s has been found there may be an opportunity to enter Jasmin Vardimon Company as a performer.  JVC will host a showing on the final day of the programme with an invited audience. This will be an opportunity for the participants to invite industry professionals as well as friends and family.

Currently 83% of all JV2 graduates are employed in the sector, with graduates going on to be performers, choreographers, and education facilitators.