Can I come and take class with the Company?
We sometimes offer Company class through Dance Agencies or venues. Please see the Calendar Page for more information. Other than these external classes we do not offer the opportunity to take part in classes during rehearsal, beside private invitation and a special offer to our friends.

Can I do a short work placement/ apprenticeship with the Company?
At this stage we only offer placement for dancers through The Place LCDS apprentice scheme. For arts administration placement opportunities please email: manager@jasminvardimon.com. Placements will only be considered at a minimum of 6 weeks.

Can I audition for the Company?
JVC hold auditions approximately every two years. Please keep checking this site where any future auditions will be posted. We do not accept speculative C.V’s for dancer vacancies.

Can I come and watch rehearsals?
Due to the intimate nature of our creation process we do not offer the opportunity to watch rehearsals.

How do I obtain DVD’s of the Company’s work?
You can purchase discounted DVDs as part of the Company’s new ‘Friends’ membership scheme. Click here to find out more about becoming a Friend.