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Through our commitment to provide educational resources and share knowledge, this page offers free education packs, video clips, links to books and articles.

We are very aware of the difficult situation teachers and students are facing with the cancellation of exams and loss of learning time. In response, we have recorded two of our Company Repertoire classes (led by company dancer Jasmine Orr). Please click the below links to access:
Company Repertoire – Medusa: ‘Funeral’ sequence via Facebook
Company Repertoire – Medusa: ‘Strong Girls’ sequence via Instagram

FREE Video Insights

We are proud to announce our selection of FREE Video Insights, the perfect accompaniment to our Education Resource Packs. 

Video Insights includes a selection of videos that give a unique insight into Jasmin Vardimon’s creative work. The videos include interviews with Vardimon offering a personal reflection into the themes, inspirations, stylistic features and methodologies used in the creative process of Medusa and with company members who reflect on their journey into and experience of working in the company. Specially filmed solos provide clear examples of movement material from MedusaJustitia & Yesterday and are ideal for those studying or drawing inspiration from the work.

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FREE JVC Education Resource Packs

The Education Resource packs are insightful PDF packs which explore the creative process used by Jasmin Vardimon in the creation of PinocchioMedusa & Justitia. They include interviews with collaborators, key information on constituent features, contextual information on Vardimon’s influences, as well as chapter analysis and suggestions for practical tasks.

These resources are an ideal tool to be used in conjunction with the Video Insights and production DVD/USB* as an aid for teachers and students. Although designed to be suitable to compliment A-LEVEL DANCE CURRICULUM, these resources can be used by GCSE, BTEC Dance, Drama and Performing Arts students and anyone interested in the work of Jasmin Vardimon Company.

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To help you choose which work to study, follow the link to a synopsis and video trailers to all Jasmin Vardimon Company Productions

MEDUSA Video Insights

A selection of videos that give a unique insight into Jasmin Vardimon’s MEDUSA. Interviews with Vardimon offer a personal reflection into the themes, inspirations, stylistic, features and methodologies used in the creative process of Medusa. Company members consider their journey into and experience of working in the company. Specially filmed solos provide clear examples of movement material from MEDUSA, ideal for those studying or drawing inspiration from the work. 

Please see Video Insights above.

Pinocchio Creative Minds Symposium 

The Symposium offers different perspectives and ways to analyse Pinocchio (2016), accompanied by sections from the work itself to illustrate the ideas presented. Click to Watch

People United’s Living Room with Jasmin Vardimon
Jasmin in conversation with social psychologist Dr Simone Schnall as they explore how our sense of embodiment influences how we think, feel and view the world, and the role of dance in helping us see things differently. Click to watch

Jasmin Vardimon talks about Justitia
Jasmin talks to Time Out’s Lyndsey Winship about re-mounting Justitia at the Peacock Theatre, August 2013. Click to watch

Inside Dance: Jasmin Vardimon on the creation of 7734
An exclusive interview with Jasmin Vardimon in the rehearsal studio during the creation of 7734. Click to watch

Breakin’ Convention – Back to the Lab
Jasmin Vardimon joins Jonzi D for Breakin’ Convention’s Back to the Lab – a new initiative aimed at experienced hip hop choreographers and designed for exploring new ways of approaching choreography, direction and staging. Click to watch


Jasmin Vardimon’s Dance Theatre, Movement, Memory and Metaphor 
Worth, L. (2017) Routledge. Purchase Online

Jasmin Vardimon’s Dance Theatre offers an unusual, intimate insight into the devising and training processes of a choreographer in the midst of her practice. Libby Worth and Jasmin Vardimon take a collaborative approach to recording and exploring the working processes of Vardimon and her company, chronicling the development of specific productions rather than offering a single choreographic blueprint.

Focusing on the techniques, strategies and creative activities necessitated by each project, Worth and Vardimon address:

  • The initial ‘triggers’ which lead to research, expansion, and performance;
  • The social, political and psychological content of Vardimon’s work;
  • The relationship between accessibility of content and complexity of ideas;
  • Drawing on texts to enhance and shape a piece of dance work;
  • The editing process, and its inherent messiness;
  • The contribution of a company’s different voices and viewpoints to the development of a production.

Based on extended conversations and interviews, this highly illustrated, full-colour volume is a unique reflection on Jasmin Vardimon’s vibrant, continually developing practice. It is a must-read for students and practitioners of dance and physical theatre.

Justitia: Multidisciplinary Readings of the Work of the Jasmin Vardimon Company
This book offers a series of compelling responses to the Jasmin Vardimon Company’s production of Justitia, a multi-layered, multimedia dance theatre piece. Through an innovative, visually annotated text, which includes the original script by Rebecca Lenkiewicz, the book attempts to record the experience of the performance. Also included are nine critical responses from scholars and theatrical practitioners who consider the performance through lenses relating to time, collaboration, writing, confession, and the law.

Edited by Jasmin Vardimon, Sylwia Dobkowska & Paul Johnson. Chapters by Paul Johnson, Nina Stieger, Emily Kasriel, Naom Segal, Libby Worth, Felix Ensslin, Christine Harmar-Brown, Paul Brill, Amanda Stuart Fisher, Royona Mitra & Geoffrey Colman.

Available to purchase from our online shop.


Inner worlds of emotional generosity
By Graham Watts, 14 June 2017. Read Article

Decolonizing Immersion 
By Royona Mitra, 20 October 2016. Read Article

Jasmin Vardimon: Inspirations, aspirations and the new PARK
By Alexandra Desvignes, 09 October 2014. Read article

Body Mapping in Jasmin Vardimon Company’s Yesterday
Abstract for TaPRA Annual Conference 2009. Performance and the Body Working Group. September 7-9, 2009 University of Plymouth. Read abstract

Interview with Jasmin Vardimon for The Argus
By Nione Meakin, 19 November 2012. Read article

Dance Theatre: An Anti-Discursive Illustration of an Embodied Existence
Claire Hampton, University of Wolverhampton. Read article

Interview with Jasmin Vardimon for Haaretz, Israel News
By Elad Samorzik, 4 May 2012. Read article

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