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Termly Access to Jasmin Vardimon Company Productions – £30 per half term

Ideal for remote learning or homework tasks, our new termly access allows you to share full length productions with your students for half a term. To receive a production of your choice for you and your students to access online, please email

FREE Video Insights

Video Insights includes a selection of videos that give a unique insight into Jasmin Vardimon’s creative work. The videos include interviews with Vardimon offering a personal reflection into the themes, inspirations, stylistic features and methodologies used in the creative process of Medusa and with company members who reflect on their journey into and experience of working in the company. Specially filmed solos provide clear examples of movement material from MedusaJustitia & Yesterday and are ideal for those studying or drawing inspiration from the work.

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FREE JVC Education Resource PDF Packs

The Education Resource packs are insightful PDF packs which explore the creative process used by Jasmin Vardimon in the creation of PinocchioMedusa & Justitia. They include interviews with collaborators, key information on constituent features, contextual information on Vardimon’s influences, as well as chapter analysis and suggestions for practical tasks.

These resources are an ideal tool to be used in conjunction with the Video Insights and the full production recording (on DVD/USB/Digital download)* as an aid for teachers and students. Although designed to be suitable to compliment A-LEVEL DANCE CURRICULUM, these resources can be used by GCSE, BTEC Dance, Drama and Performing Arts students and anyone interested in the work of Jasmin Vardimon Company.

*To obtain full recordings of our productions, join our Friends Scheme or email to sign up for Termly Access.

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Full-length performance recordings of the company’s productions can be obtained by becoming a friend of the company. Click here to join our Friends Membership. Alternatively contact us to sign up for half-term access to productions (available for multiple devices and therefore suitable for class tasks and remote learning)

To help you choose which work to study, follow the link to a synopsis and video trailers to all Jasmin Vardimon Company Productions

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