Marilena Dara

Rehearsal Director

Marilena Dara

Marilena was born in Athens in 1990. While studying Management Science and Technology in Athens at the University Of Economics And Business she was accepted into the Greek National School Of Dance (K.S.O.T) and graduated with distinction in 2012.

After graduating she participated in productions by Hellenic Dance Company both as a performer and rehearsal director, and had the chance to work on pieces by famous choreographers such us Akram Khan, Jasmin Vardimon, Jukstapz, Martha Graham and Tono Lachky. From 2013 she has been a close collaborator of Christine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman (Jukstapoz Co.) assisting them in their productions “Vicious Cycle”, “Self Storage”, “Swoon”, “Folie” and “The Art of Dying”.

In 2012 she became a London based performer, collaborating with the award winning choreographer Jasmin Vardimon – firstly as a member of JV2 as well as understudying one of the leading roles in “Justitia” and later as the course leader of JV2 and JVIntensive since 2014. Since 2015 she has been the JV2 rehearsal director fo the Jasmin Vardimon production “Maze”, and the same year she choreographed “I was, minus all” to be performed around the UK by JV2 Company. In 2017 she has been touring her second piece “Wear You Wounds” performed both by JV2 2017 around the UK as well as by 3rd year students of National School of Dance in Athens. Today, she has been an official faculty member in the National School of dance and she will be going back to work with Jasmin Vardimon in the role of Rehearsal Director for her new production “MEDUSA”.

Marilena has been delivering workshops in several universities, studios and festivals around Europe such as National School of Dance in Athens, Institute of the Arts Barcelona, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, The Place, Royal Holloway University, Bristol Institute of Performing Arts, International Dance Week – Budapest, Dance Cultural Centre and Greenwich Dance,