Estéban Lecoq


Estéban joined the company in 2009, since then he has been deeply involved in the work of the company, through the creation of new works, remounting of company repertoire and also delivery of its various educational programmes as a lead education facilitator.

His involvement in creation alongside Vardimon includes the works 7734, Home (Royal Opera House commission), Freedom and Park, and also the remounting of Shabbat, one 
of Vardimon’s early works. He has performed and toured in the infamous works Yesterday and Justitia.

Estéban received his Ballet education in several countries, starting in France in 2001 at the Conservatoire of Angers and Paris. He then went on to the Cannes Rosella Hightower and this led him to the great Palucca Schule in Dresden. He then joined the Johannes Wieland Dance company in Kassel in 2008, taking part in several different projects in Europe.

More recently Estéban has also been working with Punchdrunk, as well as starting to explore the live art scene with his own collective, AΦE.