The company currently has a repertoire of six works available for touring at differing times of the calendar year, Medusa (new work 2018), Pinocchio, Park, Freedom, Justitia and Yesterday. Each piece of work is cast according to its content. The length of performance varies between 75 mins (with no interval) and 110 mins (plus interval).

If it’s not possible to view new work before booking it and you would like to view any current touring work, please contact our office for a DVD or Vimeo link:

We encourage venues to book a workshop in conjunction with the company’s performances to develop and enhance understanding of the creative process. See workshop details here

Technical Information

The company requires:

  • A minimum floor space of 10 x 10 metres with a height from stage to rig of 6 metres.
  • A Lighting Rig suitable to present dance work.
  • Lighting Rig confirmation plans to be available in advance.
We will expect lighting to be pre-rigged before our arrival.
  • 100 ways of dimming.
  • For Freedom and Yesterday we need to be able to either suspend 350kgs of equipment from a flying system or hung direct from a grid with chain blocks.
  • A good quality Sound System/PA.
  • A sprung and flat stage for Justitia and Park.
  • Yesterday and Freedom can be performed upon a slight raked stage 1 in 28 is the maximum possible.
  • Justitia, FreedomPark and Pinocchio require a full day Get In prior to the performance day.
  • Yesterday and Medusa are able to get in and open on the same day – providing the lighting and rigging is pre-rigged and is agreed in conjunction with the Production Manager.

The Company tours with all technical video and projection equipment

We expect the venue to provide:
4 Technicians for the Get In and Fit Up.
4 Technicians for the Get Out.
Exclusive use of the performance space from the start of the Get In until the end of the Get Out.

Depending upon the work the company travels with up to:
6-8 Performers
2-4 Technicians
1 Tour Manager
1 Rehearsal Director/Artistic Director

The costs of each performance vary from work to work. To discuss booking the company, please contact Frankie at

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