JV2 Tour 2022-2023

18 March 2023

Talented, young international dancers from Jasmin Vardimon Company’s JV2 programme will premiere powerful new works by long-standing Jasmin Vardimon Company associates Vinicius Salles and André Rebelo. This brilliant dance ensemble, hand-picked by Jasmin Vardimon, showcases an exciting and energetic mix of inventive choreography and exceptional new talent.


Choreographed by André Rebelo. A mysterious world merging fantasy and darkness. With a lucid dream like quality, there are elements of magic, illusion, shape shifting and special gifts. Experience a universe where multiple dimensions cross paths, interlacing a mixture of identities from many different origins.

It’s Not Unusual 

Choreographed by Vinicius Salles. Who never went to a pub and caught yourself seeing Delilah being thrown table to table? Or saw a bunch of lads drunk on the street saying to a girl: she is a lady! Or couldn’t resist thinking about the music… it’s not unusual?! This show wants to investigate toxic masculinity and sexism by focusing on one of the most notorious symbols of British music, Tom Jones. We want to dive into his most popular tunes, to have a physical approach into the images of ‘man’ built in British culture in which his person embodied. And on that extend, to highlight how woman is represented in his lyrics to have a critical, ironic, sometimes funny, study of what is behind his most catchy tunes ingrained in every pier you ever ate a fish and chips, such as Delilah, She is a lady and It’s not Unusual.