‘Justitia’ available online Mon 14 May – Sun 20 May

15 May 2018

In celebration of our 20th Anniversary year, each month we will release one full-length Jasmin Vardimon Company production to view for free. We felt it appropriate to kick off our 20 years celebrations with the release of ‘Justitia‘, an audience favourite and the last piece in which Jasmin performed as a dancer.

‘Justitia’ will be available to view here on our Vimeo from Mon 14 May – Sun 20 May

A daring, sharp-edged piece of physical dance theatre, ‘Justitia’ delves into the depths of our justice system, inviting the audience on an investigative journey as it unravels the multiple truths concealed behind a gripping crime story.

In a film-like replay of events, the audience witnesses the action from different perspectives – at the crime scene, in the court house, inside an intimate group therapy room – revealing new realities as a series of secrets unfold. A verdict must be reached – was it murder, manslaughter or self-defence?

Punctuated with provocative and dark humour, ‘Justitia’ treats us to Vardimon’s unique brand of highly acute physical theatre, theatrically staged on a large revolving set. Fiercely athletic and intricately detailed, this production delivers a generous mix of energetic dance, a sharp script and an exhilarating soundtrack.

View in full on our Vimeo here.