“This is Pinocchio given new and refreshing life, and a depth so rarely seen”

“A plethora of magical, inventive coups de théâtre”

“Joyous new levels of dance invention. Beguiling.”

“Wildly inventive choreography - the physical imagery is boundless”

“A riveting piece of dance theatre. Vardimon has some killer moves and cast to die for”

“A slick and fascinating work that is superbly choreographed and performed. It is Innovative, gripping, physical and theatrical drama that keeps us guessing until the end”

“Breathtaking, mesmerising and frequently thought provoking, Freedom is a must-see show and represents Jasmin Vardimon at her creative best.”

“An inventive, imaginative, neatly executed piece of dance. A formidable crew with a stunning portfolio of stamina, energy, passion... creating works which are among the most intelligent and impressive in the UK today.”

“Theatrical gold. Piercingly powerful”

“Excellent theatricality. Impressive moments of great poignancy and arresting imagery”

“They are virtuosi of contemporary physical dance, and whereas some do it pretty well, Jasmin Vardimon Company do it to perfection.”

“Yesterday restores your faith in dance as it stands out from the pack. Beautifully rendered and the effect is utterly mesmerising.”

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