Justitia Vardimon DVD

DVD: Justitia

Dramatically staged on a large revolving set, JUSTITIA invites the audience on an investigative journey as it unravels the truths behind a gripping crime story. Featuring a specially-commissioned script by Rebecca Lenkiewicz.

© 2007 PAL 130'

Contains some adult material. Suitable for ages 14+

£15 (Friends pay £10)


DVD: Yesterday

Celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, YESTERDAY is a retrospective piece featuring iconic moments from the company’s repertoire: Justitia, Park, Lullaby, Tête, Lurelurelure and Ticklish, interwoven with new choreographic material, live video and animation.

© 2008 PAL 75'

£15 (Friends pay £10)


DVD: Freedom

Exploring notions of what keeps our imagination free, this full-length dance theatre work delivers breathtaking physicality with beautifully detailed characterisation.

© 2012 PAL/NTSC 90'

Contains some adult material. Suitable for ages 14+

FREEDOM is available in PAL and NTSC.

£15 (Friends pay £10)


DVD: Lullaby

LULLABY explores our relationship with illness and hospitalisation and the effect it has on those living with it on a daily basis to create an emotionally charged, multi-layered show.

© 2003 PAL 80'

£15 (Friends pay £10)


DVD: 7734

Vardimon’s unique brand of physical dance theatre and detailed choreography questions man’s inhumanity and our capacity for survival and the poetry of hope. Featuring specially commissioned texts and performed by an awe-inspiring company of nine international dancers.

©2010 PAL 114'

Contains some adult material. Suitable for ages 14+

£15 (Friends pay £10)