Jasmin Vardimon Company & Turner Contemporary present

Buried deep into Margate’s caves, within the Winter Gardens, Maze awaits you.

Leave inhibitions behind and immerse yourself in the unknown. Choose the ‘light’ or ‘dark’ path and enter Maze, a foam structure of industrial proportions where the two worlds of dance and visual art collide to create an immersive adventure.

Moving through the labyrinth, a feast of multi-sensory moments submerse you into the Maze . Intimate and moving, delightful and uneasy, become observer and participant, as the world of Maze shifts and surprises.


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10 Apr, 2015 – 15 Apr, 2015

Maze is an immersive new performance presented by Jasmin Vardimon Company and Turner Contemporary.

Choreographed by critically-acclaimed director Jasmin Vardimon MBE, with design in collaboration from Ron Arad and artist Guy Bar-Amotz.

“Immersive theatre is not new, but there’s an intimacy here that you don’t get in, say, a vast Punchdrunk show. There’s a sense of magic…” THE GUARDIAN

“…this multi-sensory experience will be unlike anything you have experienced.” KENT LIFE

“Philosophically this idea of choice is central to the work; MAZE is an offer to engage, to play, to look and to share as much or as little as you’re willing to in a cathedral of foam…”  WRITING ABOUT DANCE

“They transported us visitors into a fantasy world, which amazed, intrigued, confused and captivated us. What struck me when I left was that no person’s experience of the performance would be the same.” PILLORY BARN

“…entering alone shifts you away from your own world and into one that feels like a fairy-tale, and a fantasy adventure film, and a manifestation of a weird and uneasy Lynchian dream.” CASSY FRY

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