PG Cert

Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors at Royal Holloway University of London

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Course Dates for 2015/16:
Weekend 1: 15/16 October 2016
Weekend 2: 12/13 November 2016
Weekend 3: 14/15 January 2017
Weekend 4: 25/26 February 2017
Weekend 5: 25/26 March 2017
Weekend 6: 29/30 April 2017
Weekend 7: 20/21 May 2017
Weekend 8: 10/11 June 2017
Full Week: 19-23 June 2017

The Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors is a collaboration between Jasmin Vardimon Company and Royal Holloway University. The course offers an exciting opportunity for Continuing Professional Development for postgraduate experienced dancers and actors moving in to a new area of work; namely dance theatre, introducing new techniques that combine vocal, kinaesthetic and visual skills and responses. The focus of the course will be to understand and explore Vardimon’s method and approach of creating physical theatre work. The course runs over eight weekends and one intensive week and will be held at the Boilerhouse Theatre, Royal Holloway.

The course provides an opportunity for Jasmin Vardimon to train postgraduate participants from this course for potential future work with the company. Julia Robert Pares ex-Royal Holloway participant on the Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors, joined the Jasmin Vardimon Company as a full time dancer in 2012.

“The Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors has run at Royal Holloway since September 2009 in collaboration with the Jasmin Vardimon Company. The Department of Drama and Theatre has worked very closely with Jasmin Vardimon and her colleagues to run this successful course at Royal Holloway. All the teaching and preparation for the classes and assessments is undertaken each year by Jasmin Vardimon and her company members. This results in a dynamic and creative series of modules for postgraduate dancers and actors who are proficient in their field.

One important aspect of the course is that actors and dancers work together to enhance their skills in one field and learn new areas of creative expertise in another. The dialogues across disciplines is important since it helps equip a new generation of performers with the versatility so frequently demanded in a profession where physical theatre is so popular. The course therefore fills a gap in the market for performers trained by professional company members in both dance and theatre.

The application numbers for this course are consistently high necessitating large auditions each year. To date, all students who completed the course have passed, many with merit and distinction grades. Students have gone on to practice in their own projects and with other companies. Two students have continued their association with the Jasmin Vardimon Company, one as a member of the Jasmin Vardimon Professional Development Certificate and one as an apprentice within the company performing in the latest pieces.

Students who have completed this certificate successfully and who are appropriately qualified can return to Royal Holloway to take two further postgraduate modules that will complete their MA qualification. In addition to the excellent work offered by the company on this course, the Theatre and Drama Department benefit from joint research projects, occasional workshops for undergraduates and generous gifts of DVD materials for the library and department”.

Dr Libby Worth
Senior Lecturer in Theatre Practice
Department of Drama and Theatre
Royal Holloway

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