“Participating on JVIntensive has been an incredible, physically challenging and thought-provoking experience. Jasmin Vardimon has a very distinct methodology and it has been really inspiring to get a glimpse into the company’s style and creative process. JVIntensive participant

JVIntensive will return in summer 2022.

JVIntensive is a highly physical and creative programme that is perfect for dancers, performers, and performing arts educators who want to develop their physical and creative skills and gain an in-depth understanding of Jasmin Vardimon’s work. Participants must be 18+ at the start of the programme.

Using the methodology of the Jasmin Vardimon Company, JVIntensive nurtures participants’ individual skills and experience whilst broadening their physical, vocal, emotional, and conceptual capacity. The course also includes various dance techniques alongside body conditioning, theatre, voice and breath work in order to develop new creative and physical strengths. With small group size and individual mentoring, JVIntensive offers personalised attention and focus to support each participant’s creative practice to mature and evolve.

In 2021 JVIntensive ran as a series of intensive weekly courses with options to book separate or combined weeks. Each week focussed on one of the company works, giving the participants an opportunity to learn repertory and creative methodologies in greater depth and gain a unique insight into the creative processes of Jasmin Vardimon. We will update on the schedule and format of 2022’s JVIntensive in due course.

If you would like any further details about JVIntensive please email eduadmin@jasminvardimon.com for details.